50 per cent of airfryers in Taiwan are unqualified: study

TAIPEI, Taiwan - Five out of ten airfryer samples in the market fail to reach the electric equipment commodity standard, according to the sampling inspection conducted by the Consumer's Foundation Chinese Taipei (CFCT) and the Bureau of Standard, Metrology & inspection (BSMI).

Ten products were bought randomly from the Internet and appliance shops for the sampling inspection. The Foundation's chairperson Chang Chi-gang pointed out that five of the products have issues relating to "important components and structural match" or "mislabel," which means available products in the market are not the same design as the registered products. There was even one product which, bought from the Internet, did not pass the inspection procedure before import.

Chang Chi Gang also said that since the power consumption of airfryers are larger, if the wire of the products does not match the products, it could easily result in electrical fire. He said that consumers should be more cautious before buying an airfryer or select a more reliable source to get a product.

The CFCT claims that although most of the products did pass the safety standard, some sellers were suspected of importing products that have not been re-registered for a new design and are selling the mislabeled products to consumers. Therefore, the sellers should be asked for reclaim their products and be fined according to the Commodity Inspection Act.

The airfryer is a new kitchen tool that basically uses a power fan to create hot air pressure in an airtight container to extract the oil from the ingredient itself. Therefore, it can fry food with less oil and catch the attention of consumers concerned about healthy eating. It is also becoming more popular because it creates less kitchen smoke than traditional fryers and can decrease the possibilities of lung cancer for housewives.