7 best Instagram-worthy picnic spots in Singapore

We know this heat makes you want to duck into the nearest air com area at eveyr given opportunity, but we also know that living a life inside is not good for the ol' soul.

Singapore is one beautiful island and no amount of sunshine will stop us enjoying it.

Rather than booking your usual restaurant reservation this weekend, we say nay to 'same old' and say YAY to exploration.

So, why not pack up a picnic basket and head to the great outdoors for some fun-in-the-sun instead?

Looking for views? Go to Marina Barrage

The Marina Barrage is the picnic spot for you!

Tucked in the corner of the Marina Bay area sits this green stretch of land, perfect for an afternoon of snacking, relaxing and kite flying.

If it gets too hot, there's also a water play area for the little ones.

With wheels? Go to East Coast Park

If your idea of a picnic involves pedaling to your destination, head to East Coast Park.

You can actually forget the picnic basket too as there are plenty of restaurants as well as al fresco spots.

Or if you prefer to bring your own food, then lay your blankets in the sand and watch the cargo ships in the distance.

Nature Lover? Go to MacRitchie Reservoir

If picnicking among the best of Singapore's flora and fauna is more your thing, take a hike to MacRitchie Reservoir where you can literally, take a hike.

Loads of trails will lead you through one of Singapore's most beloved nature reserves, or just relax among the native tress and birds.

Looking for romance? Go to Botanic Gardens

Lots of quiet spots for you and your someone special to have a magical day.

And don't forget a stroll among the orchids!

History nerd? Go to Fort Canning

With ancient artifacts, plenty of open, green spaces and heritage sites, you can learn about how the hill served as the Headquarters of the Far East Command Centre and British Army Barracks as well as the location for the 14th Century Malay Kings' Palaces.

Got dogs? Go to Bishan Park

While dogs are welcomed at most Singapore parks, Bishan has a particularly popular, fenced in area for dogs to run freely within the park.

Even big pooches will love the freedom of running with friends, without owners having to worry if they'll go too far or trample on unsuspecting park goers.

The rest of the park is also lovely with plenty of scenic spots perfect for a picnic.

With kids? Go to Pasir Ris Park

If you've got kids, this is your ideal picnic destination.

With a massive playground, gorgeous sea views and plenty of room to lay in the grass, Pasir Ris Park is totally worth the trek out.

You can also bring scooters and bikes for your kids to use along the long, paved pathways.