7 yummy desserts inspired by chendol

From soft serve and ice cream to cake and waffles, these sweet creations are inspired by the favourite Singapore dessert.

Chendol Fudge Cake from Out of the Cake Box

A mild sweetness is laced in the layers of the fluffy gula melaka sponge cake and oh-so-creamy coconut-gula melaka fudge.

Chendol toppings like the green jellies and red bean paste in between the layers add extra texture.

Chendol Waffles from Shrove Tuesday

Desiccated coconut, chunks of azuki red bean and thick green jellies sprawl across dollops of chendol-flavoured gelato, which sit atop a fluffy waffle base.

The waffles aren't anything to shout about, but the fragrant chendol flavours, made even more evident by the drizzles of gula melaka make this worth all the calories.

Chendol Soft Serve from Overrun

This gorgeous behemoth is the famed soft serve you've been seeing on social media.

Gula melaka soft serve ice cream is blanketed in chewy soft green jellies and desiccated coconut and finished off with a liberal drizzle of sweet gula melaka sauce.

Feeling indulgent?

Add a dollop of creamy durian puree.

Chendol Cocktail from Little Bastard

This hidden water hole is nestled away at industrial hipster cafe The Refinery.

To locate it, you'll have to seek out the staff and politely ask where the entrance for the bar is.

Once there, order their chendol-inspired cocktail.

It doesn't have a strong alcohol kick, but it's incredibly yummy.

The addictively sweet concoction is mixed with coconut cream, pandan syrup and gula melaka.

Chendol Xiao Long Bao from Restaurant Labyrinth

This innocuous looking, dim sum like thing is actually a dessert.

Pour "vinegar" (which is really gula melaka syrup) over the green dumpling and wait for the coconut and red bean to burst forth just like a real xiao long bao.

Chendol Ice Cream from Udders

Udders has added a new flavour of ice cream into the mix, and it's a chendol inspired one.

The sweet and creamy treat features chunky bits of green jellies and red bean that are slightly frozen making for a great bite.

It also features a lovely coconut and gula melaka fragrance that isn't too overwhelming.

Chendol Panna Cotta from Revolution Coffee

A creamy and smooth coconut panna cotta is drenched in gula melaka syrup, with bright green jellies sitting on top.

The dessert is paired with a scoop of refreshingly light red bean ice cream.

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