AsiaOne answers: Is it OK to bring your girlfriend to Yoshinoya on a date?

The dating game is hard, trust me.

Deciding what to wear and what to eat will forever remain a difficult question to answer when going on a date.

I may not be able to offer any wardrobe pointers, but here's a suggestion: Why not eat at Yoshinoya?

According to Rocket News, a Japanese Twitter user set off an online debate with just one tweet.

The post, which has been helpfully translated by Rocket News, goes:

“You know, I understand women who don’t like the idea of going to Yoshinoya on a date."

The person provides an example of an exchange between a girl and her boyfriend:

'Girlfriend: “For lunch, Yoshinoya is fine.”
Boyfriend: “Are you really OK with a place like that?”
Girlfriend: “Who you eat with is more important than where you eat, you know.'

And states an observation: "But women who say things like this are definitely more popular with guys nowadays."

Now, I do agree that women who are more flexible in where they want to eat on a date, including at a fast-food restaurant like Yoshinoya, may be more popular with the guys.

But that probably sounds misogynistic.

So, in order to get a more accurate answer to this debate and thus a more realistic assessment, I decide to ask the women in my office what they think.

Firstly, there are those who think that it is perfectly fine, I mean who can turn down slices of beef on top of a bowl of rice? Yummy!

It’s perfectly fine. And I agree with what the Twitter user mentioned, who you eat with is more important than where you eat, you know. Plus, I like the beef bowls! 


 I think going to Yoshinoya for a date is okay, but what if your date is not a fan of Japanese food?




Then there are those who think that it's okay but not for the first date. First impressions count, after all.

 Not for the first few dates but some time later why not?


 First date is a definite no, but subsequently, it's okay. 


"Probably not on a first date, but if I'm already comfortable with his company, why not?"


"Definitely not for the first date, but if we have been dating for a while then why not? It's the company that counts, not the price of the food."


"At the beginning it would be disappointing but it would be fine if it's after awhile into the relationship.


Still, there are others who think it's a horrible idea. Maybe they don't like beef bowls?

 If a guy were to suggest Yoshinoya for a date, I’d seriously doubt his sincerity. But if it’s a by-the-way thing while we’re already out and if I’m also craving for their beef bowls, I’d be cool with it.


 No, it’s not ok. It would be difficult to establish a connection with simply because of the setting. If you need to save money, why not go on a picnic? At least that shows more sincerity.


 If you have such poor taste going to a fast-food joint for a date, then don’t bother taking me out, please.


 If it's the first date, it just shows he's not making an effort to impress, so God knows how he'll be like a couple of months later.


 The faster the food, the faster I leave the date.


 "Yoshinoya doesn't even taste like real Japanese food."


However, in order to have a more holistic, well-rounded and balanced argument, I have also asked my fellow male colleague on his thoughts.

 I wouldn’t make it the first date or the first few ones at that, but if we’re well into the relationship I don’t see why not.


And last but not least. A thought-provoking piece from my esteemed colleague.

If you're assessing someone's potential to be your soulmate, it would be good to see what he or she is like in everyday situations to get a real picture, and not through rose-tinted glasses.


So what do you think? Let us know whether you will ever consider or have already brought your date to a fast food joint. And in case you're wondering, this piece is not brought to you by Yoshinoya.