Backsplash ideas for an easy-clean kitchen

Want an easy-clean kitchen? It all boils down to the materials used for your countertop, cabinetry and backsplash! Whether you do heavy cooking or not, grease and grime builds up on these surfaces over time. So why not pick one that works to your advantage? Here are four materials you can consider for a stylish yet easy-clean kitchen:


Photo: 3D Innovations Design

A glass backsplash is functional as it is easily wiped down. It's pretty too, since a choice of colours is usually available. Just be sure not to hit the surface with anything hard.


Photo: Fuse concept

More functional than fashionable, this durable material is easy to clean and maintain. Go for it if you're going for a modern, industrial kitchen.


Photo: Classic Ideas

When using stone as a backsplash, choose granite over marble, as it's less porous but much hardier as compared to the softer and more vulnerable latter material. It's also heat-resistant.


If you're into mosaic or prints, you'd be more inclined to go with a tiled backsplash. However, grease tends to build up in the grouting between tiles, so you'll have to put in a little more effort into maintainance. All is not lost; should there be stains, scrub the surface with warm water and powdered bleach.

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