Best thing I ate this week: Pince & Pints' lobster burger

Best thing I ate this week: Pince & Pints' lobster burger

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What: Lobster burger ($42)

Where: Pince & Pints (Katong), 95 East Coast Road, Singapore 428793

If you're looking to splurge on a delicious burger that is not the ubiquitous beef or chicken - Pince & Pints' lobster burger may just be the thing.

The item is one of the new main courses on the restaurant's menu, which has expanded with the launch of the restaurant's second branch, located right in the heart of Katong (opposite the I12 mall). The same menu is also available at its Tanjong Pagar location.

At a recent hosted tasting session, we also got to sample their new range of side dishes - such as the wholesome lobster chowder and lobster 'mac & cheese'. But the mains are undoubtedly still the standout here.

The lobster burger may look decidedly plain on the outside, but it yields a deep-fried lobster patty - made from 100g of lobster meat - that is juicy and well-seasoned, with a crunchy outer crust. The patties are made fresh in-house daily, according to the restaurant.

No fancy toppings here - a simple dollop of coleslaw is the only other thing that's sandwiched between the fluffy buns. The burger comes with more of the piquant slaw served on the side, along with sweet potato fries and three different dipping sauces, which had other diners at the table reaching for more.

At $42, the burger is not cheap, but is still a slightly more wallet-friendly option at the restaurant, well known for its still-delicious lobster rolls ($58). For an additional $10, the roll now comes topped with truffle.

It's not your every day kind of meal, for sure. But with the substantial burger and fries included, at least you'll be assured of leaving the place with a full belly.


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