Best thing I ate this week: Thai Yong tau foo

What: Yentafo Kuay Teow Soup with 9 Ingredients ($8.50)
Where: Yentafo Kruengsonge, Cineleisure Orchard, #02-06A/B

The bowl came with pieces of tofu, beancurd skin, fishballs, and other typical yong tau foo items, with the surprising addition of crispy salmon skin and grass jelly. Yes, I do mean 'chin chow'.

The slightly sweet jelly was a jolt to the tastebuds which I could do without, but on the whole, this is something I would order again. Yentafo is more tangy, spicy and savoury than its local counterpart, and altogether quite delicious.

There are three levels of spiciness to choose from, but for chilli-lovers, I would recommend the mid-level for the shiok factor.