Brew-tiful news for coffee lovers

KUALA LUMPUR - If you are craving delicious coffeeshop delicacies such as kaya and butter toast, there is a good chance you will not be disappointed in Johor.

This is because most of the best coffeeshops in Malaysia are based in Johor, according to a book published by the Malaysia-Singapore Coffee Shop Proprietors' General Association titled Malaysia's 100 Best Coffee Shop 2.

The 247-page book is the second edition of a previous publication listing the best coffeeshops throughout the nation.

Among the 100 best coffeeshops serving food such as wantan noodles, nasi lemak and pork chops, Johor has the highest number (18), followed by Perak (16) and Penang (10).

In Johor, among the noteworthy coffeeshops mentioned are Kedai Kopi Heng Mui, which is famous for its freshly brewed coffee and mee siam, and Kluang Lim Kopitiam, known for its steamed bread.

The book also named Nam Heong Coffee Shop as one of the best in Perak due to its smooth white coffee and crispy egg tarts.

In Penang, Ah Leng Char Koay Teow was chosen as one of the best places, thanks to its mouth-watering fried flat noodles.

Association president Ho Su Mong said the book would be made available to tourists and the general public for free at entry points into the country, including airports.

"We have also given copies of the book to China to attract more tourists from there to try our local food and give tourism a boost," he said.

Ho said the best coffeeshops were chosen after 43 affiliate members from all over the country gave a list of nominees for selection by the association's headquarters.

The book, mainly written in Chinese, also contains brief descriptions in English on the back pages and provides ample pictures of the food served at the respective coffeeshops.