Bring on the fizzy Feijoa

Some weeks ago, I wrote about Feijoa, a South American fruit shaped like a chiku which tastes like a cross among guava, pineapple and passionfruit.

The problem is getting hold of this fruit, which is also grown in New Zealand, regularly. So I am glad to find a drink made with apple juice and the fruit.

It is refreshing and the guava notes really stand out, although there is more apple juice in it than Feijoa.

The light fizz makes it taste especially refreshing.

I plan to take my bottle to my favourite bartender and see what he concocts.

Phoenix Lightly Sparkling Organic Feijoa drink, $4 for a 725ml bottle, from Cold Storage, Great World City, B1-18/19, tel: 6735-4730, open: 9am to 10pm daily