Camerons greens up by 20 per cent to 40 per cent

IPOH - Prices of vegetables from Cameron Highlands have increased by an estimated 20 per cent to 40 per cent, according to vegetable sellers here.

Most sellers said the increases started with the mud floods tragedy there in early November.

Mior Jala, 54, said vegetables such as cabbage, sawi (mustard leaves), spring onions and celery were being sold to him at a higher prices.

"My regular customers are complaining to me, but what else can I do? Times are tough for all sellers and there is no extra income for us. Sometimes, we even selling at a loss," he said.

Mior said the shelf life of greens was another problem, adding that he had been throwing away a lot of rotten vegetables.

"I have to buy less stock and adjust the prices accordingly. Otherwise, it will be difficult to support my family," said the father of three, aged between eight and 24.

Another seller Salasiah Nawi, 58, said business had not been good with the higher prices.

"I am forced to sell limited vegetable stocks from the highland such as cabbages, tomatoes and brinjals at RM4 (S$1.52) or RM5 per kg," she said.