Catch 'em all at Singapore's first pop-up Pokemon Cafe

SINGAPORE - You can now 'catch 'em all', ala Pokemon style when the first pop-up Pokemon Cafe opens in Singapore.

Japanese retailer PARCO said on Monday (April 25) that the cafe, modelled on the famous fictional creatures, will open from May 27 to Jul 31, taking over restaurant Everything With Fries.

Everything With Fries is located at on the fourth floor of Bugis Junction (#04-05), and will 'evolve' into a Pokemon Cafe during that period.

The pop-up store will be replete with Pokemon merchandise, Channel NewsAsia reported. There will also be 12 items on the menu at the 32 sq m cafe.

Pokemon Cafes have been in Japan for a few years.

According to Rocketnews24, a Pikachu Cafe opened in downtown Tokyo in July 2014.

Items on its menu include Poke Ball hayashi rice omelette, Pikachu pancakes, Pikachu teriyaki burger, Pikachu curry, and a Pikachu one million-volt parfait.

In Dec 2014, a Pokemon pop-up cafe also took over a restaurant inside a PARCO building at Shibuya, Japan, offering similarly interesting dishes such as Pikachu saffron rice, Fireblast Mapo Tofu, and everything Pikachu.