Charged 20 cents more for extra plates, despite $17 purchase of Indian rojak

SINGAPORE - A customer was charged 20 cents when he asked for a second extra plate after ordering $17.40 worth of Indian rojak.

Stomp contributor Mr Wang wrote in that his party of three was dining at a famous Indian Rojak stall at Tampines Central 1, and had bought a large portion to share.

He said:

"There was one 'mountain' of food on a plate.

"I asked for 2 plates (although there were 3 of us) such that we won't dirty the table and can eat comfortably.

"The person informed that one plate was free. The second is chargeable at 20cents!

"That had me thinking if we had ordered separately, wouldn't there be more plates? We helped them save cost and yet customers are charged extra for asking for just one more plate?

"I decided to take only 1 extra plate and not get charged an extra 20 cents.

"Anyway this is just to share my experience, no ill intention to the business or anyone."

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