Cheers and tears at farewell to King Albert Park

Customers joining McDonald's employees in counting down the last minute of operations at King Albert Park on Sunday night.

SINGAPORE - More than 300 people showed up for an emotional midnight farewell to the McDonald's outlet at King Albert Park on Sunday.

At 11.59pm - marking the last minute of operations for the outlet - staff broke out in song, cheers erupted from the crowd and some even cried.

The 23-year-old outlet holds a special place in many Singaporeans' memories as it was an after-school hangout for those attending schools in the Bukit Timah area, as well as a place for residents to grab a bite and shop for groceries at the supermarket housed in the same building.

Drivers would also frequently drop by to buy meals from its drive-through window.

But the place where all these memories were made, will soon make way for new mixed development KAP Residences.

To savour its last moments, many turned up on Sunday night clutching old photographs of themselves at King Albert Park - known affectionately by its abbreviation, KAP - with friends and family members in tow.

Several chose to take pictures with statues of iconic McDonald's figures such as Ronald McDonald.

The spot has a special place in Mr Su Mantang's heart: as a toddler, he had his picture taken there when the outlet first opened. "I have good memories of playing in the playground," said the 26-year-old transport consultant.

Throughout the day, McDonald's staff gave out balloons to all customers. They also held games with prizes at 10pm, according to Lianhe Wanbao.

At 11.55pm, the outlet's drive-through window gave out its last meal and everyone gathered for the farewell.

The final minute was filled with cheers as the crowd counted down. Midnight struck and 23 years of memories came to a close.

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