Chefs dream up new ice cream creations

Food and beverage company Fraser and Neave (F&N) has teamed up with four prominent local chefs to launch a new ice cream brand called The Inspired Chef.

The chefs - Daniel Tay of Bakerzin, Pang Kok Keong of Antoinette, Janice Wong of 2am: dessertbar and Willin Low from Wild Rocket - have launched an ice cream flavour each, some based on their childhood memories.

The inspiration for chef Low's Double Peanut Fudge, for example, is his favourite childhood snack gong tng or peanut brittle. The 41-year-old chef says: "Gong tng is a familiar snack for many. Also, it adds different textures to the peanut butter ice cream as well."

On her Popcorn Caramel Avalanche, pastry chef Wong, 30, says: "Popcorn is a flavour very close to me since my childhood. I was always torn between the sweet and salty flavour."

Bakerzin's chef Tay, 42, created Divine Chocolate Tart and it is dedicated to his niece Chloe, after his brother-in-law died suddenly last year. "She likes chocolate ice cream and I created this to make her happy. She hasn't tried it yet but I hope she'll like it," he says.

Emphasising that his Raspberry Cheesecake Rumble creation is "rich", Pang, 38, says: "I grew to love cheesecake during my days at Hilton Singapore, as the hotel is famous for it. So I wanted to create an ice cream that can incorporate the cheesecake."

Customers can order the ice cream online and select a delivery date. A reminder SMS will be sent to inform customers of the delivery timeslot.

Each pint of The Inspired Chef costs $14.90 and there is a minimum order of two. There is a one-time delivery charge of $3.50, regardless of the quantity ordered.

The business development manager for F&N Creameries Singapore, Mr Jeffrey Ng, 36, says: "We chose an e-commerce platform because many people find it a hassle to bring ice cream home if they do not have proper transport."

He adds: "This is F&N's entrance into the premium product sector. We have been working on it since early last year - from deciding who to work with and going through more than 300 tests from a consumer panel. We are not competing directly with ice cream in the supermarket as our emphasis is on the chefs' creativity to make the perfect ice cream."

For their expertise, the chefs are paid and they get a cut of the profits from the sales, he adds. More Singapore-based chefs are also slated to roll out their own ice cream flavours too.

People can also savour the chefs' ice creams in specially crafted desserts at their restaurants.

At 2am: dessertbar in Holland Village, Wong will whip up Sweet Salty Popcorn Passionfruit Yuzu Sorbet which includes her Caramel Popcorn Avalanche ice cream, and Pang's Antoinette outlets will serve Empire Toast, which features his Raspberry Cheesecake Rumble ice cream with French toast, butterscotch and crispy filo pastry.

Over at Wild Rocket at Mount Emily, Low will serve a Double Peanut Fudge parfait with gong tng flakes and roasted nuts and Tay's Bakerzin's outlets will feature Gianduja panna cotta with chocolate tart gelato.

Prices have not been confirmed yet, but the desserts will be available from the middle of next month. Diners can buy each chef's ice cream at his restaurant.

The journey was not smooth-sailing though, as the chefs joked about their ideas being thrown out.

Low says: "I had to abandon my idea of doing an ice cream inspired by the Thai dessert, mango and sticky rice. I could make a small amount of ice cream but the consistency and flavours didn't work out when done in a big batch."

The chefs look forward to churning out more flavours. On her dream ice cream, Wong says: "I would like to do a Paddle Pop flavour. Imagine if you could lick all the flavours and textures in one go."

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