Chicken rice uncle who dished out free food to NSFs gets honoured by SAF

SINGAPORE - The chicken rice seller who treats soldiers to free top-ups of food at Bedok Food Centre has received a Token of Appreciation from the Singapore Armed Forces.

Mr Tan Bee Seng first made it to the news in April when a Stomp contributor sent in a screenshot of a National serviceman who posted on Facebook about the kind-hearted chicken rice seller.

His identity was then revealed by The Singapore Army on its Facebook page in June.

The Singapore Army wrote in a Facebook post on July 24:

"Earlier in April this year, Mr Tan Bee Seng (also known as the 'Chicken Rice Uncle') was the centre of a heartwarming story where he gave a soldier a free top-up on his meal -- something he has been doing for the past few years to recognise NS in his own way.

"Tonight, Mr Tan received a Token of Appreciation from COA, MG Ravinder Singh for his show of support to our National Servicemen.

"Mr Tan said, 'I feel that it is the least I can do to support our soldiers who work tirelessly to safeguard our nation. I am very honoured that the SAF has given me this token of appreciation. It means a lot to me!'

"Thank you once again Mr Tan for the support shown to our soldiers!"

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