Chinese New Year tipple: John Walker & Sons King George V limited edition

An elegant, limited edition design of the award-winning John Walker & Sons King George V Blended Scotch Whisky has been made available exclusively to global travellers in time for Chinese New Year. The exquisite edition, available only in duty free outlets around the world, marks the 80th anniversary of the awarding of the Royal Warrant to John Walker & Sons.

The limited edition John Walker & Sons King George V pack has been crafted as a visual celebration of the arts and craft movement that blossomed during the 1930s and has a luxurious burgundy finish. It features an intricate motif and an elegant gold chandelier print, in keeping with the art deco style of the time, and sumptuous, warm colors used to emphasise the regal nature of the super-premium whisky.

Gillian Naylor, Head of Johnnie Walker Marketing for Diageo GTME, said: "To mark the 80th anniversary, we are proud to present a special limited edition design of this exquisite, hand-crafted blend exclusively for luxury travellers. The limited edition pack expresses the unique heritage of this remarkable blend and is the perfect gift, not only for Asian travellers during Chinese New Year, but for all discerning whisky consumers."

John Walker & Sons King George V is a sophisticated and vibrant blend crafted exclusively using whiskies from distilleries in existence at the time of King George V, including precious casks of Port Ellen Single Malt from the Isle of Islay. This was the period - the 1930s - when John Walker & Sons was first granted the Royal Warrant as a supplier to the Royal Household. The Royal Warrant is regarded as a mark of quality and excellence and is an honour John Walker & Sons still proudly holds today.

The John Walker & Sons King George V Limited Edition is available exclusively in travel retail outlets for a period of six months.

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