Dee Hsu publicly apologises over bakery controversy

Taiwanese host Dee Hsu (also known as Xiao S) had to apologise publicly to consumers after the bakery she had endorsed was found to be using artificial ingredients.

Taiwanese authorities recently confirmed however that their baked goods were found to contain artificial flavouring despite the fact the bakery prominently advertises its products as being free from artificial additives.

Dee is spokesperson to the popular Top Pot bakery chain, which has 19 outlets across Taiwan and Shanghai.

Part of the bakery's formula for success was the fact that it is patronised by many of Dee's fans, who were hoping to support her efforts.

The bakery temporarily ceased operations for a few days and is refunding its customers.

Bowing her head, she apologised at a session with reporters before a taping of her show, saying that as a loyal customer of Top Pot bakery, she had also not expected that such a thing would happen, reported Taiwan news agency CNA.

She also revealed that her husband was an investor in the chain, but he is not involved in the company's operations.

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