DIY your own pen cai at home this CNY

PHOTO: Eu Yan Sang

SINGAPORE - Whipping up reunion dinner at home? Prepare pen cai, or treasure pot, easily with this DIY set from Eu Yan Sang, to which you can even add your own ingredients!

The Royal Supreme Abalone Treasure Pot ($128) contains whole abalones, dried mushrooms, abalone mushroom slices, coprinus mushrooms, top shells, white fungus and dried scallops in supreme broth, with no preservatives or artificial colouring.

The set comes with a pretty red and black pot, so it can even be presented as a gift.

Photo: Eu Yan Sang

There are also 10 festive hampers ($98 to $2,288) to choose from, like Smooth Success ($888), which comes with premium snow Hashima, superior fish maw, superior Bird's Nest with Pearl and Collagen, and imperial New Zealand Abalone.

For every hamper purchased, Eu Yan Sang will be donating 1kg of rice to Thye Hua Kwan Moral Society's Free Meal Centre.

Other gift options include sets of essence of chicken, bird's nest, fine herbs and premium seafood delicacies such as abalone and dried scallops.

Photo: Eu Yan Sang

The full list of Eu Yan Sang's Chinese New Year offerings can be found here. They are available online and at Eu Yan Sang's 46 retail stores islandwide. From now till Jan 27, there will be weekly promotions both online and at the retail stores.

Shoppers who spend at least $38 during this period will stand to win movie tickets to local director Jack Neo's newest film, Take 2.