Durian season in Singapore

In Singapore, the durian season is typically from June to August.

Mr Yap Kean Seng, 62, owner of Sembawang Durian Seng, said June is the "biggest season", or peak, for durians.

Mr Yap, known as Durian Seng among his regular customers, is an expert who can distinguish between different varieties of the fruit merely by looking at their thorny husks.

He said: "This year, the durian season is also from November to January."

He explained that in Singapore, trees in some areas bear more fruit than others.

"It depends on how old the trees are. Older trees bear fewer fruit."

The durian, regarded by many as the "king of fruit", is well-known for its strong odour and formidable thorn-covered husk.

It is strictly tropical and stops growing when mean daily temperatures drop below 22 deg C.

It is a fruit native to South-east Asia and is popular among Singaporeans.

Durians grown here are smaller compared with those from Malaysia and Thailand.

Said Mr Yap: "The durians here are more bitter as the trees are older.

"In Malaysia, the durians are more fragrant as many of the trees there are young."

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