Everyone's going ga-ga over McDonald's latest dessert in Korea - Rich Chocolate Pie

Everyone's going ga-ga over McDonald's latest dessert in Korea - Rich Chocolate Pie

[Update, Feb 28, 2018] It seems McDonald's has been paying attention -- the fast food chain's chocolate pie which was launched in South Korea last year before swiftly going viral on social media has finally reached our shores.

It will be available at all McDonald's outlets and via delivery from March 1, retailing at $1.40.

So, how does it taste?

While the version here is not entirely the same since the ingredients are halal, one colleague who'd tried the one in Korea said the taste is comparable. The filling is molten but doesn't achieve a lava-like flow, even though we heated it up in the microwave.

So, now you know.


You may have seen it making it rounds on social media - a chocolate pastry shell which oozes thick melted chocolate when broken in half.

Turns out, it is McDonald's Korea newest product - Rich Chocolate Pie, which has sent netizens into a chocolate-craving tizzy.

Since its launch on Aug 14, customers with their hands on the pie have posted photos and videos of the delicious-looking dessert. Most videos show it being snapped into two, allowing the liquid chocolate filling to flow out.

We'll just let the videos do the talking, shall we.



Unlike McDonald's regular pies which feature a golden-brown pastry, the Rich Chocolate Pie's dark-coloured pastry looks like it is made with chocolate as well.


One YouTuber in Korea, Jimi Yun, said she bought it to see "what the big deal is".

The review? It's crispy on the outside, and overall "pretty good." "It's not as sweet as I thought it was going to be," said Jimi.

Not bad, for 1,500 won (S$1.80).


But she cautioned that the oozy chocolate filling could be hot and burn your tongue. And another word of advice, "don't wear anything white" -  as it gets messy.


Unfortunately for customers in Singapore, McDonald's says it has "no immediate plans" to launch the product here, but added that the fast food chain is "always on the lookout for interesting flavours to add some excitement to the menu".

Perhaps there is some hope after all?




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