Feast like a zombie with 'brain ramen'

Talk about brain food, now you can enjoy yourself a nice hot bowl of… 'brain' ramen?

Brought to you by a collaboration between Village Vanguard and Panda Hole (known together as Villepan), two stores in Japan that specialise in novelty items, Brain Ramen is the perfect zombie food for humans - without any humans being harmed.

These noodles, dubbed No-Men ('brain noodles'), are pink in colour and soaked in a 'brain broth' that supposedly tastes just like miso and salt, according to the makers.

Photo: Villepan

What's more, because the product reportedly contains vitamin B1, there are extra nutrients for your body, too.

If you're already living on a diet of ramen while cramming for your studies, it wouldn't hurt to try some No-Men in hopes that you really are what you eat: brainy.

And if you're looking to share the experience with a friend, try a bowl together- now's the perfect time to ask someone if you could pick their brain a little.

The noodles come in a quirky pink and blue package, and can be purchased for 400 yen (S$5).

Photo: Villepan

You can find more information on how and where to buy them on the Village Vanguard website.

And although advertisements show these noodles being served out of a girl's noggin, it's probably a no-brainer that you shouldn't try to replicate what you see.

Photo: Villepan