Forget McDonald's, here are nasi lemak burgers made with rice

Forget McDonald's, here are nasi lemak burgers made with rice

Finally, the "real nasi lemak" burgers are tumbling in - meaning - they come with rice, the main ingredient of this popular Malay dish.

Unlike the recent McDonald's version which came in the form of a bready bun with not a single grain of rice in sight, two eateries are proudly brandishing theirs with fried chicken or fish tucked in between two rice patties.

Obviously riding on the popularity of McDonald's take on the spicy humble dish, both claim to be offering theirs as a tribute to the nation as it celebrates National Day in August. If you are still pining for the McDonald's burger which was prematurely sold-out last week after a two-week run, check out these three, though they may seem calorie-laden as the patties are fried in oil.


Photo: The Beast

The Beast, a restaurant that specialises in Southern American food, is rolling ou their souped up $20 version with fried chicken thigh sandwiched between two crispy crumbed patties of coconut rice tomorrow (Aug 1). Tucked inside it, as well, are the house-made chilli sambal, cucumber slices, and a sunny-side-up.

Instead of chips, it offers sinful spam fries, a nod to the popularity of fried luncheon meat offered at Chinese-run nasi lemak stalls.

The restaurant at Jalan Klapa, off Victoria Street, boasts on its Facebook page it's "damn shiok, die die must try!". Available till end of August.

Screengrab from the Beast's Facebook page.


Photo: Credits

Also claiming more authentic flavours than the McDonald's version, Makansutra Gluttons Bay food court has started offering theirs with fish paste otah flavouring the rice, seemingly acknowledging the grilled otah as one of the popular accompaniments for nasi lemak.

Like The Beast's version, the rice patties are fried to give them a crispy exterior, but they are not covered with breadcrumbs. And instead of chicken, fried fish fillet is slipped into their burger.

Apart from a fried egg, cucumber and sambal, crispy ikan bilis and peanuts - another two essential nasi lemak ingredients - are included.

Obviously, Makansutra wanted a cleverly deconstructed take on nasi lemak to taste as authentic as possible. Available at the food court's Hong Kong Street Old Chun Kee stall at $7.50 till the end of August.




Perhaps slighted by the international attention Singapore has been receiving, a burger joint in Malaysia has introduced theirs to claim some form of ownership as the country celebrates its national day at the end of the month.

In a tweet, myBurgerLab in Malaysia unveiled their chicken rendang version with a Malaysian flag add the text that read: "Dear Singapore, nice try, but...".

Perhaps the challenge is directed more towards McDonald's as its burger will be made with a bun, which seems blackened with charcoal powder. And it's still valid - many nasi lemak stalls in Malaysia offer rendang among the dishes that customers can pick to accompany their coconut rice.

How will McDonald's Singapore respond to the frenzy that it has whipped up here? So far, it has said it's mulling over the re-introduction of its popular burger.

Will it come up with a version with steamed coconut rice or rice patties, which some people may have preferred? Let's wait and see.

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