Free meal - but only if you are a good-looker

Free meal - but only if you are a good-looker

This restaurant in China has a soft spot for good-looking people.

And if you are judged to be one of the 50 best looking visitors each day, you can get a free meal, BBC reported.

The restaurant in Zhengzhou, a city in the central province of Henan, has a team of plastic surgeons to do the judging.

The surgeons are from a local plastic surgery clinic, Barf.

Customers who want to try for the free meals have to have their face scanned.

The image is then sent to a team of "specialists", who judge the faces based on a detailed scoring rubric as the patrons walk in, reported.

The top five good-looking customers who have achieved the highest scores in 30 minutes will be offered a meal for free.

The scoring standards are publicly displayed on the second floor of the restaurant, Xinhua reported.

Any customer that misses out on claiming a prize at this slightly surreal beauty pagaent can get advice on what plastic surgery they need, so that the next time they visit, they might be able to qualify for a free meal.

The project is scheduled to run till the middle of next month, reports said.

The contest has four categories such as face, eyes, nose and mouth.

Reports said the "experts" pick the winners, not by comparing pictures of people taken while they are eating, but from pictures taken when they come in and order.

This article was first published on January 14, 2015.
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