Fresh barramundi from farm to doorstep in 48 hours

SINGAPORE - Off the southern shores of Singapore just a 15-minute boat ride away, is a fish farm with a mission to provide consumers with the freshest barramundi possible.

AsiaOne recently had the opportunity to visit Kuhlbarra, Singapore's largest commercial fish farm. It is also the first to raise barramundi, a type of seabass.

The fish is highly nutritious, being low in fat and high in Omega-3 fatty acids, which fend off the risk of heart disease.

The people behind Kuhlbarra emphasise their "farm to fork" model heavily, meaning that an order of fish will go straight to the doorstep, cutting out middlemen such as supermarkets.

This allows the consumer to know exactly how fresh their barramundi is.

The barramundi are harvested to match orders, then filleted and vacuum packed at a nearby processing plant before being sent directly to the customer, a process taking just less than 48 hours.

To preserve the freshness and the flavour of the fish, the barramundi are kept chilled throughout the processing period, even from the moment they are harvested.

After the fish is delivered promptly, fish lovers will be delighted to know that barramundi can be prepared in a myriad of ways, ranging from a hearty deep-fried version to the traditional steamed fish.

Barramundi is known for its flaky texture, and its mild and sweet taste.

As expected, the barramundi dishes that AsiaOne sampled did not have the slightest hint of fishiness at all.

Managing Director of Kuhlbarra, Mr Joep Kleine Staarman, offered us his favourite recipe: "Put it in a pan and slather it with unhealthy amounts of butter, and just a little bit of olive oil.

"But not so much that it becomes healthy," he joked.

Kuhlbarra has been in business since 2007 under the name Barramundi Asia. The re-branding this year is part of an ongoing process to attach a distinct identity to their products.

As an introductory promotion, Kuhlbarra is currently offering cuts of its barramundi at $50/kg.

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