Fun frozen treat from Eyescream and Friends

Chocolate gelato from Eyescream And Friends.
PHOTO: Eyescream & Friends

Eyescream and Friends is made for the age of SnapChat, Instagram and Twitter.

I have posted pictures and videos of the Barcelona chain's cute chocolate shaved gelato monster on all three channels. The monster reminds me of the ghosts from the Pac-Man game.

Think Taiwanese shaved ice meets scoops of Italian gelato, and frozen yogurt chain-style toppings from nata de coco to sprinkles.

The gelato is made in cylindrical solid blocks which are frozen at minus 25 deg C. Flavours include vanilla, chocolate, cheesecake and wildberry yogurt. Non-dairy options include mango and strawberry.

The frozen treat is fun to eat. Gimmicky? Yes, but enjoyable nonetheless. Each serving costs $6.90.

WHERE: Eyescream and Friends, B1-48 Wisma Atria

MRT: Orchard

OPEN: 10am to 10pm daily

TEL: 6376-2862


This article was first published on Dec 30, 2016.
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20 best places for ice-cream, froyo & gelato in Singapore

  • At $8 per cone, GODIVA's chocolate soft serve is probably one of the most expensive soft serves out there, but if you're hankering for a really indulgent soft serve and have mad love for chocolate, then you're going to want to get your hands on it. It's super smooth, extra chocolaty, rich, creamy drizzled with more chocolate sauce - does it get any better than this?! Fun fact: get it at Changi Airport (Terminal 2 Departure Hall) for only $7.50 (thank you, GST absorption)!

    Photo by Zippy Lee

  • FatCat has been making waves in the local creamery scene with their Gourmet Waffle: charcoal waffle with salted egg yolk sauce that seems to go with just about everything, and their popular Butter Beer Ice Cream. The buttermilk waffles here are crisp, light and airy. The Butter Beer Ice Cream will delight those who love beer, with its strong flavour. If you're not a fan of beer, opt for Watermelon Soju or Hay & Honey! They also do interesting plated desserts like the Banana Nutella (pictured) and Tarte Au Citron (brandied Cherry Sorbet, cherry gel, crumble, laksa leaf meringue, lemon curd and yogurt gel) that vary daily, with limited servings.

    Photo by Gabriel Teo

  • A healthier take on honeycomb soft serve, Beegurt serves up creamy froyo with raw honeycomb imported from New Zealand. It's slightly more balanced compared to honeycomb soft serves because of the tartness of the yoghurt, which goes exceedingly well with the honeycomb. At $6.80, the Beegurt Special comes with honeycomb and a choice of two toppings ranging from caramelised biscuits to granola and fresh fruit, and is finished with a drizzle of honey.

    Photo by Zi Heng Tay

  • Originally from Hokkaido, Milkissimo uses the finest milk from Hakodate City and fresh quality ingredients to churn out luscious gelato that's milky yet incredibly light so you don't feel too guilty for indulging. The gelato here scores full marks in flavour and isn't overly sweet. They have standard flavours like Uji Matcha, Black Sesame Milk, Sakura and Fresh Corn and more interesting ones like Pineapple and Basil, Purple Sweet Potato and Pumpkin. Frappes are served here as well, but expect prices to be steeper than usual because of the imported premium ingredients.

    Photo by Alainlicious Eats

  • Plus39 Gelato Bar is the first live gelato concept in Asia Pacific, and their gelato is freshly made in-house everyday with ingredients sourced both locally and from Italy, without any added preservatives or stabilisers. Prices are slightly steeper here but you really do get what you pay for - silky smooth gelato, intense in flavour that is rivalled by few. Flavours are rotated daily but if you can, don't hesitate to go for the undeniably good Pistachio or the intriguing Chilli Chocolate. Alternatively, go for their alcohol-gelato pairings, such as Aperol Apple Sorbet or Prosecco Strawberry Sorbet.

    Photo by Jasper Six&Seven

  • If you've tried and fallen in love with the coconut ice-cream served in husks when you visited Thailand and miss it desperately, don't despair - you can now get it at Pong! Get their bestseller - Coconut Gelato and Sorbet ($5.50) with toppings like corn, red ruby and nata de coco in a flesh-filled coconut husk, served with a cup of fresh coconut juice. Their coconut gelato is smooth, creamy and dairy-free, and their sorbets made from fresh fruits complement the gelato well. It might not be as good as the one you get at Chatuchak, but it makes for a perfect pick-me-up on a warm day.

    Photo by Muriel A

  • This gem in Yishun will more than please heartlanders in the North. Expect bold flavours like Mr Potato Head (vanilla ice-cream infused with salted caramel, studded with chocolate coated potato chips), Orh Nee (Teochew yam paste) and Mao Shan Wang, but also more classic flavours like Earl Grey Lavender and Rum and Raisin. The ice-cream here is creamy and milky, but the waffles may not be the best you can find. That said, the combination of waffles and ice-cream is always a match made in heaven. They serve coffee and milkshakes as well.

    Photo by Zippy Lee

  • Anyone who's on Instagram would probably have come across Sunday Folks' ever-picturesque soft serve on waffles. You can find Creamier's signature flavours such as Roasted Pistachio, Earl Grey Lavender, and Sea Salt Gula Melaka in soft serve form. Choose to add handcrafted toppings like nama chocolate, gula Melaka mochi and souffle cheesecake to complement your soft serve and waffles, but if you get it in a cone, toppings are included. The space is very pretty but usually packed, so it might not be a good idea to hang for long!

    Photo by Marc T.

  • By the good people behind Montana Brew Bar, Nookie Yogurt is a home-grown froyo place that manages to incorporate unique flavours so you get more than just the usual froyo toppings. Some of the more popular and interesting flavours you should check out include the Red Velvet (red velvet crumbs, strawberries, granola and chocolate sauce), Mango Sticky Rice (mango and kiwi, coconut cream, mango passion fruit spheres and mochi), and Matcha Black Sesame (black sesame crumble, watermelon, kiwi, mango passion fruit spheres and matcha sauce). All parfaits are $6.90, but you can customise your own if you like.

    Photo by Alexander Chiew

  • This humble little stall at SMU churns out high quality, artisanal gelato and popsicles that pack a punch in flavour. Fresh, premium ingredients are used and the gelato here contains less sugar, and the pure sorbet popsicles are perfect for the wellness-minded and lactose intolerant. Expect out-of-the-box gelato flavours like Shiro, a white miso gelato with butterscotch and almonds, and Shiok!, a coconut gelato with gula Melaka and pandan jelly - sure to satisfy your local taste buds.

    Photo by Rachael Wong

  • Tsujiri is best known for its matcha desserts for all the right reasons. It's arguably the best place to quell your cravings for anything matcha. The soft serve here is dense, smooth and not too sweet, such that you can taste the slightly bitter matcha/hojicha. You can get just the soft serve in a cone, but if you're feeling a little more indulgent, go for the parfaits that come with a mixture of toppings such as mochi, azuki paste and matcha chiffon cake. As long as you're a fan of matcha/hojicha, this place will satisfy you; they have other treats too like cakes, drinks and floats.

    Photo by Lirong Sun

  • Honeycomb serves both froyo and soft serve so you can have both options under the same roof. Opened by the people behind Stateland Café, this place offers five flavours of milk soft serve/froyo ($6-$7) such as caramel, chocolate and matcha, all topped with real honeycomb that's flown in from Korea and liquid honey served in an adorable syringe so you can add as much as you like! Go for the froyo if you want something zippier, and the milk soft serve if you're in the mood for something sweeter.

    Photo by Geraldine Tay

  • You can always count on Creamier for good ice-cream and waffles. If you love ice-cream or waffles and haven't been here, you're doing it all wrong. The ice-cream here is exceedingly creamy, smooth and dense, and the waffles are crispy, fluffy and eggy. Go for the Banana Chocolate Chip Crumble, Thai Milk Tea and Roasted Pistachio - almost every flavour is good, actually. However, Creamier is also known to be awfully packed all the time due to space constraints, so it'll do you good to visit during off-peak hours!

    Photo by Peter Wong

  • The snaking queues at almost every llaollao shop are testament to how popular and good this Spanish froyo is (also, they have 14 outlets and counting). The Sanum ($6.90) is a customisable parfait of froyo, fresh fruits, crunchy toppings and sauce that could very well serve as a meal. The frozen yoghurt here is incredibly smooth, dense, slightly tart, and a perfect pick-me-up no matter the weather. Go for the Rafaello sauce if you love white chocolate and coconut! Other sauces include fruits of the forest, apple and cinnamon, dark chocolate and caramel. If you're not very tolerant of sweet stuff, go easy on the sauce as it can overpower the taste of the froyo. They also have smoothies and froyo floats.

    Photo by Eleoration

  • At $1.60 a cone (or $1.90 in a cup), Mr Bean's Soya Ice Cream is the ultimate cheap thrill on a scorching hot day. Made using premium, non-genetically modified and identity preserved soybeans, the resulting soft serve is very smooth and creamy with just the right level of sweetness. With only 9.5g of sugar and 4.7g of fats per 100g serving, it comes as no surprise that this soy milk-based treat has been awarded with the Healthier Snack label under the Singapore Health Promotion Board every year since it was launched in 2004. So give in to that ice-cream craving and lick away!

    Photo by Zhihui Lim

  • Your taste buds might just get a little bit confused here, with all the unusual ice-cream flavours like Miso Gula Melaka, Pineapple Coconut and Cloves, and even Hoisin! Incorporating hoisin into a dessert is a daring move, but hey, it works. You can also choose sweet or savoury waffles; the savoury one has blue cheese and ham, which actually balances out the sweetness of the ice-cream. For something more familiar, go for the Lychee Rose or the Pandan Kaya ice-cream. Expect the texture of the ice-cream here to feel less creamy and more slushy-like.

    Photo by Wendolyn Teo

  • Hidden in Purvis Street, Rabbit Owl Depot is a small industrial-themed ice-cream parlour dedicated to serving quality ice-cream made with only the freshest ingredients. The flavours here are pretty conventional and may not stand out from the crowd, but the quality is outstanding. Their crispy, mad fluffy buttermilk waffles will keep you coming back for more, and should definitely be paired with ice-cream - go for the Thai Coconut, Roasted Black Sesame or Earl Grey ice-cream! At $9.50, you get two waffles and a scoop of ice-cream - not shabby at all.

    Photo by Clare Lee

  • Alfero is an oldie but goodie; you can tell by the way they store their gelato - in a pozzetto to ensure freshness. What's outstanding here is the raved about Pistachio gelato, intense in flavour with a good dose of pistachio nuts. The Bacio (hazelnut and chocolate) is a safe bet, but Durian and Gula Melaka are excellent choices if you feel like something more local. Rest assured that you're getting premium gelato as Alfero freshly churns the gelato using natural ingredients imported from Italy and other parts of Europe, resulting in a super smooth authentic gelato. If you are lactose intolerant, they have dairy-free fruit sorbets too!

    Photo by Diana Tan

  • Hopping on the froyo bandwagon is Yogart, serving froyo and artisanal popsicles. The concept is familiar - yoghurt parfaits that can be customised with your choice of fresh fruit, crunchy toppings and sauce. The Yogurt Bliss allows you to choose three types of fresh fruit, one crunchy topping and a sauce to complement the creamy, slightly tangy froyo. They also serve waffles and yoghurt popsicles, perfect for when you're in a group and not everyone feels like froyo.

    Photo by Karl Ng

  • Group Therapy's sister cafe, Regroup x Scooptherapy serves both hot food and some of Group Therapy's signature dishes, as well as ice-cream made in-house, which is great for those who want everything under one roof. Go for the Butter Beer Ice Cream, a decadent combination of butterscotch and beer, the Red Velvet, which has red velvet cake bits, or the Pineapple Tart, that features bits of buttery crust and candied pineapple. Pair your ice-cream with waffles - it never goes wrong. If brownies are more your thing, go for the Goldrush, an indulgent plate of vanilla bean ice-cream atop a rich and chocolaty brownie, with honeycomb crumble, chocolate soil and salted egg sauce.

    Photo by Rachel Xie