Fusion fare at the Tandoor

The idea was to merge two chefs' culinary experiences and cultural backgrounds to create authentic Indian flavours with alternate cooking and influences.

To do that, Australian celebrity chef Tony Bilson (top) teamed up with Tandoor Restaurant's head chef Vaibhav Suri (above) to come up with dishes that use non-traditional ingredients and fresh cooking methods such as sous vide to be enjoyed at the restaurant from Nov 14 to 23.

Known as the "Godfather of Gastronomy" in Australia, Mr Bilson has been praised for reshaping the way Australia dines. He has opened several restaurants over the past four decades. Mr Suri is from Delhi and has worked in Iceland and well-established Indian restaurant chains.

The two chefs' unique menu includes the Roomali Red Snapper Chaat spiced with tangy chilli and lemon dressing and the deep sea Tawa Scallops with Indian spices.

The Tandoori Bharwan Duck and the lamb shoulder Vilayati Sarson Gosht are two dishes that are slow-cooked for 12 hours before being cooked further in the tandoor oven.

Get a taste of Australia with popular Australian wildbirds on the menu such as the Tandoori Australian Squab and Pathar Ka Bataer (Stone Grilled Quail).

The squab has a traditional tandoori marinade while the quail is cooked using an old Indian cooking method of grilling on stone and served with an Indian black pepper sauce.

For dessert, there's the Caramelised Cardamon Fig Tart. Vegetarians are also catered for as there are options such as the cottage-cheese appetiser Tawa Achari Paneer and the main Tandoori Stuffed Zucchini Flower.

Prices are from $48 per person for the lunch set menu and $58 or $88 per person for the dinner menu, depending on the number of courses.

Tandoor will also be giving away Mr Bilson's autographed Fine Family Cooking recipe book daily to diners during the promotion period from Nov 14 to 23.

A selection of Mr Bilson's dishes will still be available at Tandoor at Holiday Inn Singapore Orchard City Centre until the end of January next year.

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