Generous stranger leaves bartender $1,200 tip - and saves a life

A generous couple at a bar in a New Jersey Hotel left the bartender a $1,200 tip, which helped pay for a life-saving operation for her dog.

According to Elite Daily, the couple had first noticed Christina Summitt's paw print tattoo on her wrist and the three started talking about dogs, as the couple love dogs as well.

The 37-year-old then mentioned that she has a Great Dane-black Labrodor mix named Tucker, and that he was at a veterinary hospital after having just undergone a very expensive emergency surgery after swallowing a hard plastic ball.

Summitt was struggling to pay for the surgery as she works three jobs and her husband's full-time job is barely enough to support her three stepchildren.

After hearing the story, the couple had dinner at the bar and ordered a few drinks. The man then left a tip of $1200 when they closed their $100 tab.

Summitt was shocked and declined the tip but the man said he was honoured to help pay for the dog's surgery, Summitt told CNN.

The manager of the hotel also told CNN that the man does this quite frequently and is a "really nice guy and humanitarian."

Tucker is now recovering at home after a successful surgery.

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