Grandparents refuse to clean up after girl vomits at coffeeshop

A group of coffeeshop patrons apparently refused to clean up after a little girl, who appeared to be their granddaughter, puked on the floor.

Stomp contributor Chung Chin says they insisted that the cleaners do the job, after the coffeeshop's owner asked them to clear the mess.

The Stomp contributor wrote:

"Refusal to clean up vomit - where is the social responsibility?

"This group of four adults, most likely the grandparents of the little girl, wanted to leave after the girl vomited on the floor.

"The coffeeshop owner approached them and requested that they clean up.

"However, they refused and claimed they do not need to clean up since there are cleaners to do so at the coffeeshop.

"One of them said that if you vomit in a cab, you also do not need to clean up.

"It is the driver's responsibility since he is the owner of the cab.

"In the end, the coffeeshop cleaner had no choice but to clean up the mess.

"Nowadays even when people walk their dogs they also clean up the dog's poo.

"I wonder what kind of example they are trying to set for the child."

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