He obliged YouTube star's request for 'Mickey Mouse' prata

Mr Ganesan Selvanathan, 36 Prata man at Thohirah Restaurant.

SINGAPORE - He was asked to make a "Mickey Mouse" prata, which he was shown a picture of, and he did. He had gone in and out of the kitchen numerous times, referring to the picture on Driscoll's phone.

Q: Why did you agree to make the prata?

A: Because he said it was his birthday, and I wanted to make him happy. I also wanted to prove that I could do it. Even if my colleagues wouldn't do it, I would, because it's just good service.

Q: Have you received such requests before?

A: When I saw the photo, I laughed. In my one year working here, no one has ever had such a request before.

Q: What made you join the service industry here?

A: Before this, I was a bouncer for five years. Before that, I was in the cargo industry. I switched careers because there are better prospects here, and I am better paid. Sure, the hours are long, but I enjoy meeting different people and having different encounters. It's also a line where I can sometimes see my own family when they come here to eat.

Q: What do you think of Singapore's service industry?

A: I think it's generally good. I didn't think all prata shops would entertain such requests. Customers are always right and must be put first. I think service staff can be more polite, and should give the customers what they want, to the best of their ability.