Indulge your sweet tooth at Tokyo Station

TOKYO - Cakes and macaroons, fruit tarts and Tokyo bananas - sweet treats of all kinds fill several shops at Tokyo Station in Japan.

You will be forgiven for mistaking this train station as a dessert-filled candy land.

Those with a sweet tooth can head to shops such as ecute Tokyo, Central Street and Keiyo Street on the first floor, and GRANSTA shopping arcade on the B1 level to satiate their cravings.

According to PR Newswire, Tokyo Station City Management Council conducted a survey to find which was the Most Desired Souvenir (Desserts) at the station for 2013, and the Kihatchi Trifle Roll - a soft cake layered with five different types of seasonal fruits, cream and custard - received the most votes.

Another interesting dessert you can buy at the station are the limited-edition Tokyo Bananas, such as the petal-shaped banana shake flavour and the kitten-shaped caramel flavour, reported PR Newswire.

Whether you prefer sweet or savoury foods, there are several dining zones inside the station or around the gate area for you to feast to your stomach's content.