Japan shop creates 'magical' red and blue curry

If colourful foods whet your appetite, you might want to check out this latest creation by a Japanese bookstore chain: blue and red curry.

Village Vanguard, which is known for selling quirky instant curries on top of books, is now offering the translucent curry that looks almost like slime.

According to Japan-based news blog RocketNews24, the curry is promoted as being "mysterious" and "magical", and is made possible by the "special powers" of the product development team at Village Vanguard.

But there's no information on how it tastes, RocketNews24 reported.

Called Maje Maje Curry (Mix-Mix Curry), the product will go on sale from Oct 13 on Village Vanguard's website and at its shops across Japan.

This is not the first time colourful foods have emerged from Japan.

In September last year, food writer and scientist Kurare Raku caused much hoohah online with his neon pink udon noodles that were topped with blue tofu.

Singapore was recently caught in the rainbow food craze, which saw everything from drinks to desserts getting a makeover with vibrant hues.