Japanese man finished one-metre-long chicken skewer in one sitting

TOKYO - Measuring one metre and weighing 1.2kg, the Mega-Yakitori contains 30 times more meat than a regular grilled chicken skewer. Sounds like a hefty meal? Well, this man managed to finish the whole thing.

According to Rocketnews24, Zenyaren Sohonten Tokyo is now offering the limited edition item on their menu for 1,980 yen (around S$25).

Consisting of five different types of grilled chicken on a stick, the dish is seasoned with only salt and pepper to allow one to enjoy the pure essence of different meats.

Mr Sato said that the more he chewed, the more of the meat's flavour would pour out. This included sensing a richness and sweetness not found in regularly sold chicken.

Mr Sato is not a stranger to gigantic foods, and managed to finish the whole skewer.

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