KFC Indonesia releases fried chicken with salted egg sauce

PHOTO: Facebook/Rizal Hakimm

KFC Indonesia has released its newest menu item, hot and crispy fried chicken drenched in salted egg sauce.

Hendra Yuniarto, the KFC Indonesia marketing general manager, said the newest flavor was part of its innovation campaign called "Taste of Asia," which was launched last year.

"Why salted egg? Because salted egg is already familiar to the Indonesian tongue. With Taste of Asia, we don't want to ruin the taste of the chicken," Hendra told the press over the weekend, as quoted by kompas.com.

Although it was made available on Feb. 1, research and development for the salted egg flavor began at the end of 2016. Hendra said the company had committed to regularly releasing a new special Asian flavor under its Taste of Asia banner every year. Previously, KFC released "Hotz Chicken."

"In Indonesia, we are targeting trends in the categories of chili and savoriness. Since 2017, we have developed new dishes [for each year] through to 2019. This year, we have started to develop a new dish for 2020," Hendra said. 

Named the KFC Salted Egg, the dish can be enjoyed a la carte for Rp 22,000 (S$2), or in a combo meal with rice and a regular drink for Rp 34,000 (S$3.30).