KFC only follows 11 people on Twitter - here's why

Another amazing discovery has been made on the internet and it involves the official Twitter account of good ol' Kentucky Fried Chicken (KFC).

Twitter user Edge (@edgette22) earned major recognition over the weekend on Oct 20 when he noticed that KFC only follows 11 people.

And they're not on KFC's specially curated list for no apt reason.

The 11 people are all five members of British pop band The Spice Girls and six men named Herb.

This is in fact a brilliant nod to KFC founder Colonel Sanders' original recipe for the brand's signature fried chicken - 11 Herbs and Spices.

Needless to say, Twitter exploded with reactions to this new revelation.

The original tweet has already racked up over 700,000 likes and with close to 5,000 comments.

One user was so impressed by KFC's follow list she wanted the person running the account to get a pay raise.

Another user also suggested the netizen who made the discovery also get a raise.

In fact, the whole thing was actually an ad campaign that is the brainchild of renowned adversiting firm Wieden+Kennedy. 

Its creative director Freddie Powell told advertising trade publication Adweek that the campaign quietly begun "over a month ago".

He added that they "weren't sure if anybody was going to find it".

"Sometimes you just have to put stuff out into the universe and cross your fingers that the internet will work its magic," Powell said in the interview. 

But it's not social media if netizens aren't all up in arms about something.

Some argued that another person had realised KFC only follows 11 people - even before Edge did.

Twitter user s'pooky‏ (@laurelbartlettt) actually tweeted out the same piece of juicy information on Oct 16.

Unfortunately, the internet seems to have fallen completely for Edge. But kudos to her as well!

Thanks to the two of them, we now know KFC is more than just fried chicken - they can be pretty savvy in the digital space too.