Lizard found in wedding cake

MALAYSIA - A wedding reception in Kuala Muda, Kedah, ended on a nauseating note for the family of the bride when one of them bit into a lizard while enjoying what was left of the appetising two-tiered chocolate cake, Sinar Harian reported.

Siti Hajar Rohani, 30, sister of the bride, said the top tier was long gone after the cake-cutting ceremony at the reception that was held in Kampung Belantik, Sik, at around 4pm on Nov 2.

"I was enjoying a slice while watching television at around 9pm after others had already eaten the cake and said it was delicious," said Siti Hajar, when met at her mother's house near Tikam Batu.

"After two bites, I felt a hard object in my mouth and thought it was a piece of plastic.

"So, I took it out and showed it to my husband.

"Everyone was shocked when they saw it was a lizard. I realised I had bitten off its neck earlier on."

The family brought the cake to a nearby bakery to ask for compensation. They refused to take a replacement, saying they now have a phobia about eating cakes.