'Lizard' in Sausage McMuffin is actually chicken blood vein: McDonald's

Said McDonald's senior communications manager Kevin Lim: "The vein is white in colour because of the Halal slaughtering process where blood had to be drained."

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A customer, only known as Sandy Sand on Facebook, posted a photo of the half-eaten burger on McDonald's Singapore's Facebook page around noon on Wednesday.

Sandy said that she found a baby lizard in the burger that was purchased from the Ang Mo Kio drive-through branch.

The photo has been shared over 500 times since Friday noon.A staff from fast food chain collected the burger sample on Wednesday night, and has sent it for a laboratory test.

Here is a statement from Kevin Lim, Senior Communications Manager, McDonald's Restaurants Pte Ltd to AsiaOne on Friday:

We have just received the preliminary lab results, which shows that the sample collected is 100% chicken.

The item in question in the picture, is actually a chicken blood vein.

The vein is white in colour because of the Halal slaughtering process where blood had to be drained.

The report has been shared with appropriate authorities such as National Environment Agency. Food safety is our top priority and we take all feedback relating to the quality of our food very seriously.

Our chicken sausage patty is actually made from minced dark and white chicken meat, and the patties are imported from Malaysia.

We have also traced back the product’s production process and no product from the same batch had any quality issues reported.

We thank all the loyal customers who have supported us and allowed us time to present the facts. Please rest assured that we make no compromises when it comes to the safety of our food.