London cafe charges only for time spent there

In Singapore, many people table-hog by buying a single cup of drink and sitting at a cafe for hours, but would a cafe in London with a unique concept appease everyone?

At this quaint little cafe called Ziferblat London, you can eat some toast, have some coffee, read a book from the shelves all for free. What you pay, is for the time you spend there.

At 3 pence per minute -- that's about 6 cents in Singapore currency -- you help yourself to some fruits and biscuits, order some coffee, catch up with your friends or even play the piano at Ziferblat London.

All you have to do is pay for the time you spend there.

Ziferblat, meaning 'clock face', is based on a Russian concept. Patrons keep an alarm clock with them as they step in, and clock out when they leave.

This UK branch is its first out of Russia, and they are planning to take this idea worldwide.

As what they say, time is money. It looks like Ziferblat has grasped onto a very meaningful concept here.

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