Look who's serving up a 'chilling' dessert in Japan

JAPAN - Don't look know, but Japan's favourite 'horror girl' might make an appearance the next time you order a smoothie.

Producers behind Sadako 2-3D, the latest instalment to the horror series, have come up with an entertaining gimmick -- making Sadako the manager for the day at Ikebukuro Lotteria's fast food service point.

Order a milkshake, and she will appear, complete with long black hair and white gown, popping out from a frame to serve Ramune-flavored (blue lemonade) milkshakes.

Sadako 2 -3D will be released on 30th of August. Seto Koji and Yusuke Yamamoto will reprise their roles as Takanori Ando and Kiyoshi Kashiwada, respectively.

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