Mad about mooncakes

New and unusual

8 Treasures (8-yolk) with White Lotus Paste baked mooncake

Peach Blossoms, Marina Mandarin

One of the new mooncake creations this year is the 8 Treasures (8-yolk) with white lotus paste baked mooncake. This 16.5cm round festive pastry contains eight egg yolks. This mooncake set (inclusive of eight White Tea bags from Twinings) is an ideal gift for corporate partners.

Price: $68 per box (1 piece).


Black sesame and White Lotus Paste with Mochi in Snowskin

Park Hotel Group

Speckled with edible gold dust, this mooncake is not just pretty but also delicious. The white lotus paste is infused with nutty black sesame and paired with a chewy mochi centre.

Price: $50 for a box of eight.
Tel: 6432-5555


Sakura Truffle with White Lotus paste in Snowskin

Park Hotel Group

A mooncake in pretty pink, the white lotus paste is infused with flavours of Sakura (cherry blossom) with a white chocolate truffle centre.

Price: $50 for a box of eight.


White Lotus seed paste with black sesame filling and melon seeds mooncake

Singapore Marriott Hotel

This original creation is an adventure for your palate. The textured filling of black sesame and crunchy melon seeds is a perfect accompaniment to the sweet white lotus paste.

Price: $14 per piece/$60 for a box of four.
Tel: 6831-4708

Black bean paste with melon seeds

Hua Ting, Orchard Hotel Singapore

A traditionally baked skin mooncake loaded with black bean paste ground from red beans and crunchy melon seeds is sweetly satisfying and scrumptious.

Price: $17 per piece.
Tel: 6739-6577/6578


Mini snowskin purple sweet potato paste with chocolate

Hua Ting, Orchard Hotel Singapore

This original creation is bursting with favour, and is freshly and skilfully handmade with purple sweet potato, and the snowskin is formulated from beetroot.

With a lovely chocolate truffle centre, this is a divine pairing made for those who love their sweets.

Price: $9 per piece.


Mini salted gula melaka with coconut and valrhona dark chocolate pearl mooncake

Peony Jade

If you love Peranakan desserts such as Chendol and Sago Gula Melaka, then you will love this. The salted Gula Melaka is a lovely counterpoint to the Valrhona dark chocolate and coconut.

Price: $48 for a box of eight.
Tel: 6659-4159/4918/4161


Yellow lotus seed paste with black dates, dried longans and wolfberries

Li Bai, Sheraton Towers Singapore

Black dates, longans and wolfberries give the lotus paste mooncake a much-needed traditional punch.

The added ingredients make this an altogether flavourful and sweetly satisfying treat.

Price: $57 for a box of four.
Tel: 6839-5636/5623

 Mini baked mooncake with dried barbecued pork (Bak Kwa) and yolk in white lotus paste

Golden Peony, Conrad Centennial Singapore

This mini baked mooncake gets the thumbs-up for originality: smooth white lotus paste is elevated and made savoury with tasty Bak Kwa.

Price: $56 for a box of four.
Tel: 6432-7489


Fresh and fruity

Tutti Frutti Collection

Tung Lok Group

Consisting of durian with chestnut, honeydew and tropical fruit, passionfruit with strawberry as well as mango and apricot, this collection of mini snowskin mooncakes is sweet and refreshing.

Price: $52 for box of eight.
Tel: 9088-8008


Pink guava with passionfruit and rambutan snowskin mooncake

Goodwood Park Hotel

A mélange of pink guava, passionfruit and rambutan makes this a better treat than ice cream. The mooncake is perfectly constructed as these fruits blend well and refreshes the palate.

Price: $26 for two pieces; $46 for four pieces.
Tel: 6730-1876/1868


Mango magnifico snowskin

Szechuan Court, Fairmont Singapore

The Mango Magnifico snowskin mooncake is a tart and tangy treat with a blend of rich lotus paste and fresh mangoes and silky white chocolate.

Price: $56 for a box of eight.
Tel: 6338-8785

Crowd pleasers

Flaky Teochew "Orh Ni" mooncake with double egg yolks

Peony Jade

The restaurant's signature flaky Teochew "orh ni" traditionally baked mooncake is a fragrant sinful treat. The flaky pastry encases a buttery smooth yam filling that has just the right amount of sweetness.

Price: $35 for two pieces/$62 for four pieces.


Baked mooncake with mixed nuts and Jamon Iberico

Mandarin Orchard

Traditionalists who like Five Kernel mooncakes (wu ren) appreciate the use of fragrant Spanish cured ham in this mooncake. This is for those who veer towards such mooncakes that are a bit more salty than sweet.

Price: $62 for a box of four.
Tel: 6831-6320/6262


Mini walnut mooncake (low sugar)

Carlton Hotel Singapore

You can't stop at one with the mini walnut moontart.

Each nugget is loaded with smooth white lotus paste and encased in a fragrant crust. The walnut gives this added crunch. A version with egg yolk is also available.

Price: $56 for a box of eight.
Tel: 6349-1292

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