Malaysian uni breeds chicken that could lay four times more eggs

File photo of a kampung chicken for illustration.

Universiti Putra Malaysia has created a new breed of free range chicken (ayam kampung) that could lay up to four times more eggs, reported Sinar Harian.

The breed - known as the Akar Putra - was achieved by cross-breeding a free range chicken with a jungle fowl (ayam hutan).

UPM Community Transformation Centre research group head Associate Prof Dr Azhar Kasim said the Akar Putra could lay between 120 and 200 eggs a year, compared with 50 eggs by free range chicken.

"The eggs are also bigger, weighing 60g each compared with the 45g for that of the free range chicken.

"It also has a nice brownish shell," he said adding that the growth period for the new breed was also shorter.

The breed - which looked different from the free range chicken with featherless necks, slender legs and a longer body - also had more flesh and better defence against disease.

Dr Azhar said the breed came about when a jungle fowl entered the UPM compound and mated with the chickens there.