Namchow announces recall of contaminated noodles and ice cream

TAIWAN - Namchow Chemical Industrial Ltd. announced yesterday that buckwheat noodles made by the company and ice cream produced by its subsidiary Lucky Royal contained chlorophyllin copper complex.

A total of seven ice cream products were found to contain the harmful material. Although it is lawful to add chlorophyllin copper complex into milk products, the company has decided to recall the products. The recent food scandal prompted the company to make the decision, Namchow said.

Upon receiving Namchow's notice, supermarkets Carrefour and AMart removed the tainted ice cream from shelves. Pxmart indicated that it did not carry any of the tainted products.

Namchow also indicated in a press conference yesterday that its "maccha buckwheat noodles" product was also tainted with chlorophyllin copper complex.

Namchow general manager Kevin Lee said that the company made a mistake in using the ingredient. Lee made a formal apology yesterday and said that the company would accept all the related responsibility for its mistake.

Lee said that the company discovered that the noodle product contained chlorophyllin copper complex in October, and switched to a different supplier for its ingredient needs. The tainted noodle product was replaced with new ones, Lee said.

Lee said that Namchow followed the standards of the Japanese noodle industry in producing its noodle product, and that the company made the mistake because its research personnel were not familiar with relevant local regulations governing food additives.

According to Namchow, the noodle was not marketed to the public, as it was mainly sold to a few food service companies and restaurants. All the tainted products have been destroyed and Taoyuan authorities have been notified.