Namchow's ice creams untainted: Tainan City Health Dept

TAIPEI, Taiwan - The Tainan City Government's Department of Health (DOH) announced yesterday that the food products manufactured by Namchow Chemical Industrial Ltd.'s (南僑化工) subsidiary Lucky Royal (皇家可口) did not contain tainted or illegal ingredients.

Namchow had initially released the news of its using chlorophyllin copper complex in its buckwheat noodles and ice cream produced by Lucky Royal on Saturday, stating that a total of seven ice cream flavors contained the ingredient, and several local supermarkets has pulled the products from their shelves. Although it is lawful to add chlorophyllin copper complex to dairy products, the company has decided to remove their merchandise from the retailers.

The DOH had launched a probe on Lucky Royal's products after Toong Yeuan Enterprise Co., Ltd. (統園企業) provided a list of firms that had purchased additives, showing Lucky Royal's previous orders of chlorophyllin copper complex, which was not to be used in iced goodies.

The investigators discovered that Lucky Royal had purchased chlorophyll food colouring - containing compounds extracted from chlorophyllin copper complex - from Toong Yeuan, and that the additive could be used in juices, dairy products, beverages and candy.

Lucky Royal's Kabisuo matcha ice cream, wasabi ice cream and Italian cantaloupe ice cream had been found containing the food colouring, the Tainan DOH said, which concluded that the company did not break any laws regarding the manufacturing of its food products.