New fad food called 'ice-cream ramen' is neither ice-cream nor ramen

It seems like the raindrop cake has found a successor.

Ice-cream ramen is the latest food craze on social media right now - but calm down. It is neither ice-cream nor ramen.

It is basically jelly, just like the raindrop cake that was trending a few months ago, cut into strands ("ramen") and served on top of crushed ice and condensed milk ("ice-cream"), along with toppings such as mochi and fruit balls.

A vegan version made with coconut milk is also available.


Because ramen is life. #IceStreamRamen #DessertRamen #thedessertkitchen #NYC

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The photogenic dish is the brainchild of New York City dessert shop The Dessert Kitchen, and is actually named Ice Stream.

For those who were expecting a literal version of ice-cream ramen, somebody made such a thing.

The owner of Tokyo ramen shop Kukiya told Japan-based news blog RocketNews24 that he created it because kids asked him to.


I scream, you scream, ramen topped with ice cream. Link in comments.

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And, according to the review on RocketNews24, the ramen which comes with two halves of an ice-cream cone tastes amazing.

"When the ice cream did start melting it looked like a landscape portrait of hell, but the rich, creamy flavour of the soup tasted just like heaven," the review said.

In Singapore, there is a cafe serving desserts under the guise of savoury foods.

At Non Entree Desserts at Rangoon Road, you'll find classic local fare such as "bak chor mee" and "tutu kueh" that are actually ice-cream, cakes and other sweet treats.