New owners to take Shashlik restaurant into the next generation

New owners to take Shashlik restaurant into the next generation

The Shashlik restaurant which served up its famous borsch and meat skewers to customers for three decades before closing its shutters for good last December is set to re-open in early March.

Makansutra reported that three new owners have bought over the restaurant, on the sixth floor of Far East Shopping Centre, and intend to retain the services of eight old staff members.

The restaurant which opened for business in April 23, 1986, closed last December after its lease ended.

The Straits Times then reported that older staff decided to call it a day due to slow business, stiff competition and manpower issues which plagued the restaurant for the past three years.

The new owners are brothers Mr Derrick and Alan Tan and business partner Mr Lee Say Yeow.

Both brothers are children of the late Mr Tan Niap Hin, the oldest of the remaining partners of the business when closure was considered in 2013.

Derrick, who has worked as a chef in other restaurants and helped out in the Shashlik kitchen, decided to buy over the restaurant with the support of his brother, in order to "improve and take Shashlik into the next generation", he told Makansutra.

Diners can expect the restaurant to have the same look and feel as well as experience of having dishes served on their tables from trolleys pushed by waiters.

The new owners also plan to address issues previously raised over food and service at the eatery, with the old menu set for an improvement, added Makansutra.

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