Nissin opens instant-noodle 'factory' in Hong Kong airport

Nissin opens instant-noodle 'factory' in Hong Kong airport

HONG KONG - Japan's Nissin Foods Holdings on Wednesday opened a "factory" in Hong Kong International Airport to show people how its globally popular instant noodles are made. The company hopes to raise the profile of its products in greater China.

The facility is located at the Dream Come True Education Park in Terminal 2 and operated by Nissin's Hong Kong unit Nissin Foods. It is the Japanese company's first such overseas shop.

There are two sections: the Damae Iccho Factory, named after Nissin's popular noodle brand, and the My Cup Noodles Factory, named after its Cup Noodles brand.

Visitors can make their own Demae Iccho noodles by kneading, spreading and steaming the dough and then drying it in hot oil. The 90-minute course costs 50 Hong Kong dollars ($9.20).

In the My Cup Noodles Factory, visitors are able to choose the type of soup and specific ingredients, as well as design their own cups, for HK$30.

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