No food, only juice for three days - can you do it?

Fad diets are everywhere in a society that is increasingly obsessed with good health and image.

One diet that has been gaining traction over the past few years is the juice diet, but what happens to your body when you solely feed off juice and water?

Razor TV producers and food addicts Isaac Netto and Lee Jing Wei mustered the willpower to stave off their favourite culinary delights, and put their tummies to the test with a juice cleanse for the latest episode of Mother Sure Scold,consuming just juice and water for three days.

They were provided with cold-pressed juices by HIC Juice, from the likes of kale, beetroot, papaya and spinach, to name a few, and consumed six individually numbered bottles each day,

When their seemingly never-ending food strike was over, the Mother Sure Scold duo came up with some interesting findings:

Isaac lost 1kg in body weight by the end of the three days. Meanwhile, Jing Wei attributed the feeling of wearing looser pants to being on an empty stomach, and not because of any weight loss.

HIC Juice customer service relations manager Lim Xin Hui: "We do not really recommend using a cleanse to lose some weight, even though you might because you are abstaining from solid foods for three days or more.

"But if you revert to your eating habits after the cleanse, the weight comes back."

Granted, lethargy was the only obvious side-effect of the diet, the pair found.

One noticeable upside: Isaac said he slept better at night during the cleanse period and woke up feeling more well-rested the next day.

Their advice: If you're still keen to give the juice cleanse a go, do it with a buddy, so there is mutual encouragement and accountability.

Even if you don't lose any weight, a juice cleanse will give your intestines a rest from digesting processed foods, and help reboot your eating habits.