Norwegian mooseburger a neat treat

OSLO - While walking along the streets of central Oslo, I came across an appetizing smell. It wafted from a hamburger shop that serves burgers prepared with moose meat.

The ingredients, sandwiched between slices of a bun, were patties of moose meat grilled on an iron plate, sour cream, sauteed onions and mushrooms, and bilberries.

The bilberry is a Scandinavian relative of the blueberry. The burger tasted plain, and had a light texture. The sour-sweet flavor of the bilberries left a refreshing taste in the mouth.

Thor-Andre Walloe, 28, who runs the store, said that the meat was taken from moose hunted from September to November at a mountain village located to the north of Oslo.

The burger patty contains about 20 per cent beef fat to eliminate an odour particular to the wild animal.

Though the burger is a little expensive at 100 kroner (S$1) each, it sells well. "As the ingredients are locally grown, [customers] can feel safe. This might be a traditional taste," he said.