NTUC FairPrice: To shoppers who misuse trolleys, please spare a thought for others

A spokesperson for NTUC FairPrice appeals to shoppers to be responsible and gracious users of supermarket trolleys.

This is in response to Stomp contributor Hi and Stomp contributor Fen's posts on abandoned NTUC trolleys, as well as trolleys being misused to carry children and adults despite a sign displayed that clearly disallows it.

The NTUC FairPrice spokesperson said:

"Be responsible and gracious users of supermarket trolleys.

"This is with reference to Stomp contributor Hi's post "Why won't people learn? Not 1 but 12 NTUC trolleys abandoned at Jurong West" and Stomp contributor Fen's post "Sign says no sitting in NTUC trolleys -- but both kids and adults treat them like human toy cars" on 23 April 2014.

"We thank STOMP contributors Hi and Fen for their civic-mindedness and appreciate their efforts to generate more awareness on this social issue of inconsiderate trolley usage.

"In a survey commissioned by FairPrice in 2010, shoppers admitted that they know it is their responsibility but fail to return trolleys due to laziness.

"Such behaviour is inconsiderate and abandoned trolleys can pose as safety hazards.

"We spend over S$150,000 annually to retrieve, repair or replace trolleys; funds which can be better used to give back to the community or to provide greater savings for customers.

"Sitting in a trolley is dangerous and can cause injuries should it collide with other shoppers or topple over. It is also unhygienic since trolleys are used to carry food.

"Misuse or subsequent abandonment of the trolley would mean that customers who really need to use it are unable to do so.

"Trolleys are provided for the convenience of customers who need to convey heavy or bulky groceries to their cars or taxi-stands.

"If customers need trolleys to transport their shopping, there are affordably-priced personal trolleys sold at FairPrice.

"Members of the public can report trolley issues via our customer hotline number at 6552 2722; email general.feedback@fairprice.com.sg or My FairPrice+ app on iPhone or Android phones.

"We appeal for shoppers who misuse trolleys to spare a thought for others.

"Through increased public awareness and public education, we hope to create an even more pleasant shopping experience for everyone."

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