Open for business: Dashi Master Marusaya, Koji sushi bar


Dashi, the soup base in Japanese cuisine, takes centre stage at Dashi Master Marusaya. Many dishes at this Japanese restaurant, which opened earlier this month, feature homemade dashi made from dried bonito flakes (katsuobushi) and rishiri kelp. Menu items include yaki nasu dashi syo-yu ($8), which is grilled eggplant topped with bonito flakes and served with dashi soya sauce; dashi maki tamago ($12), omelette made with concentrated dashi; tori (chicken) tempura ten-dashi (dashi for dipping tempura) ($18); and dashi chazuke sake (right, $8), which is rice served with a rishiri kelp dashi and bonito that has been dried for two years.

Where: 86 Robertson Quay, 01-01
Open: 5 to 11pm (weekday), 11.30am to midnight (weekend)
Info: 298051237045536?pnref=story


Get your fix of sushi and sashimi from three-week-old Koji Sushi Bar. Nigiri sushi sets (served in sets of five) are priced from $9++ to $23++, with a choice of salad or soup. Donburi sets include chirashi don and salmon avocado tartare don ($17++ each, with miso soup and salad). Omakase sets for dinner (advance reservations required) cost $68++ or $85++.

Where: 3 Pickering Street, 01-42
Open: 11.30am to 3pm and 5 to 10pm, Monday to Saturday, closed on Sunday
Info: Call 6225-6125 or e-mail

This article was first published on Nov 23, 2014.
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