Petaling Jaya food market the place to go for rare dishes

Hard-to-find delicacies: Robiana packing 'tongkek ayam' sticks for a customer at the Section 17 Ramadan bazaar in Petaling Jaya.

PETALING JAYA - The Section 17 Ramadan bazaar is the place to shop for unusual treats.

The bazaar, which is located opposite Jaya One, features traditional delicacies that might otherwise be difficult to find in the Klang Valley.

Kelantanese Wak Rohani Ismail, 38, sells sira pisang (saba banana) and sira labu (pumpkin), traditional desserts from her home state.

The desserts are made by coating pieces of saba banana and pumpkin in sugar syrup and boiling them.

"People come all the way to my stall to get the sira as they can't find it elsewhere," said Rohani.

Another trader selling a traditional dessert is Ahmad Taufiq Arisman. The 23-year-old sells kuih Sumatra, which resembles the Malaysian apam.

"It is sold everywhere in Sumatra, so now I want to make it familiar to Malaysians," said Ahmad, adding that he used an old family recipe to make the kuih.

He has been selling the custard-flavoured kuih for four years at night markets and Ramadan bazaars.

Trader Robiana Budi, 23, meanwhile, offers a more exotic treat to the bazaar visitors - tongkek and pedal ayam.

The tongkek ayam (bishop's nose) and pedal ayam (chicken's innards) are marinated in a concoction of wild honey, lemongrass, curry powder and galangal for a few hours before being roasted.

"The dishes I sell are specialties from 'East Malaysia' and it is not easy to find them in the Klang Valley," said Robiana.